Gourmet coffee from Costa Rica.


Nahua sources aromatic and distinctively Costa Rican coffee from our most renowned growing regions. 100% Arabica beans, sourced from local coffee cooperatives, are carefully selected to make a perfectly roasted Costa Rican coffee.



About us



Nahua (pronounced “nah-wah”) is Costa Rica’s leading brand of mission-driven gourmet chocolate and specialty coffee.

Nahua’s single origin coffee is grown by a carefully selected network of top local coffee cooperatives and independent producers, who engage directly with communities and foster sustainable farming practices. Harvested throughout Costa Rica’s rich volcanic valleys, Nahua’s premium coffee offers a variety of notes, aromas and flavors.

Nahua is committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers through training, support and community engagement, and focuses on the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices, reforestation and the conservation of natural ecosystems.


Our Coffee


Nahua’s Chocolaty single origin coffee offers a delicious flavor with a sweet, roasty aroma of chocolate. Roasted to perfection, the taste is like a rich cocoa, with an elegant aftertaste that hints of unsweetened chocolate or vanilla. Each bean is carefully grown and selected from the renowned San Isidro Central Valley of Heredia.


Nahua’s Aromatic single origin coffee has a bouquet of perfectly balanced flavors. Fragrant aromas, reminiscent of spring flower blossoms, rise from the cup. The taste is smooth and delicate with a mild character.

Our Aromatic blend is sourced from the Naranjo West Valley of Alajuela.


Nahua’s Fruity single origin coffee is known for a vibrant aroma that is reminiscent of berries and citrus, with a sharp, bright and pleasant aftertaste with citrus scents. Our 100% Arabica beans are hand selected from Tarrazú, known for its fine coffees, and freshly roasted to the highest standards.


Nahua’s Balance blend offers a sweet and roasty aroma of cacao, reminiscent of flower blossoms, with the distinguished full-bodied characteristics found in Costa Rican coffee. True to its name, Balance comes from a number of iconic Costa Rican regions: the Central Valley region (Poas), the West Valley region (Naranjo) and the Tres Rios region.

Harvest Selection

Nahua’s Harvest Selection is currently single estate coffee from the San Isidro region. This coffee offers a subtle floral aroma that characterizes the natural drying process, along with brown sugar notes and an exotic star fruit flavor.

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Meet members of the dedicated and passionate team at Nahua who are committed to making a difference:

Juan Pablo Buchert

Juan Pablo Buchert

Founder & CEO

Juan Pablo has been responsible for developing various environmental and cacao projects in Latin America.  He is the Chairman of the Costa Rican Fine Cacao Chamber.

Justin Eldridge

Justin Eldridge

Impact Advisor

Justin is an experienced professional in the field of social development and environmental sustainability in Latin America and is the founder of the Organization for Youth Empowerment.

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